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Hi everyone,
The garden is looking wonderful right now thanks to the effort you have all put into it.
In order to keep it looking that way we will need to make sure it is watered regularly particularly with the hot weather coming our way over the next few weeks. If you have volunteered to water the garden can you please try to do it at your allocated day and time. If you are unable to water please let me know and I will arrange for someone to fill in for you. Please also remember not to water the leaves of the tomato plants, watering around the base of the stem is best.
When you have finished watering wash any dirt and mud off the hose and the spray nozzle. Take the hand spray off the hose before winding the hose back onto its reel, this stops the hose from kinking and then developing holes.
We have lost two tap handles recently which only leaves us with two. Please remember to take the handle off the tap when you are finished with the hose and put in the tray on top of the hose reel.
I will be away for the next 10 days but still contactable in the normal ways. Perhaps someone can water for me next Saturday afternoon? Can someone please check the worm farms while I am away to make sure that they have some food underneath the shredded paper.
We will be having another garden working bee in a few weeks and I will let you all have the details shortly. As usual it will be held on a Sunday morning, probably December the 8th so perhaps keep that morning free if you can.
Thanks to everyone who attended our Christmas dinner last Thursday. We all had a really good time and at the same time raised some money for the garden thanks to the generosity of Charles from The Merchant Society Restaurant in Merchant Street Docklands.
Best wishes to you all,







Serious weeding of the ground cover and spreading of woodchips, all supervised by our resident wagtail.

This year looks set to give our biggest citrus yield to date. 

What is the Docklands Community Garden?

The Docklands Community Garden is sustained by a group of volunteers and we hope it gives pleasure to our fellow Docklanders and visitors. The volunteers have regular planting days and working bees as well as occasional social events. Funding for plants, fertilisers, maintenance etc. comes substantially from the volunteers and additional donations and sponsorships are welcomed. See our full mission statement at Our Vision.

If you would like to join our volunteers, contact Greg (0408 818 980) for more information.

How does this garden operate?

Many community gardens operate with an annual fee to rent a private garden bed and often have long waiting lists. Such gardens are often locked at night.

Here at Docklands we have decided to have communal garden beds and to not fence off the area from the general public. This has meant trusting our fellow Docklanders to treat the garden with respect.

How can I get involved?

Volunteer gardeners are welcome to take part in planting days and working bees and to become part of the weekly roster for watering and weeding.

If you would like to join our volunteers, contact Greg (0408 818 980) for more information.

Can I pick the vegetables?

The volunteers maintain the garden for the pleasure of all Docklanders and you are welcome to pick the vegetables for your personal cooking. However please only take enough for your next meal and wait until the vegetables are fully mature. Herbs are a good starting point as they regenerate quickly. Check the notice board for a list of plantings that are currently suitable for picking. Remember to wash the vegetables well as they have been in a public place.

Why does it sometimes looks messy or bare?

Some plants are allowed to go to seed. The seeds are then used for cooking (such as coriander seed) or collected for future plantings. Some plants (such as broad beans) are allowed to whither before being dug back into the soil for their nitrogen content.

Some times of year are unsuitable for planting and provide an opportunity for the soil to regenerate. During winter, some of our volunteer gardeners nurture seedlings and young plants on their balconies ready for spring planting.

Compost & Fertiliser

We would love to offer a communal composting facility but that is well beyond our monetary resources. Compost needs to be supervised and contain the right balance of ingredients.

The volunteer gardeners collect the nutrients from a number of worm farms on balconies and rooftops throughout Docklands and the city. Contributions of organic fertiliser are always welcome and can be left outside the shed.

Respecting the space and the gardeners

Please enjoy the garden but remember that it cleaned and maintained by volunteer gardeners and not the council. There is nothing more disheartening for a volunteer after finishing a full day’s work to come down to the garden and find they have to spend half an hour cleaning up cigarette butts before they can do any gardening.

Enjoy the space but please respect it and the volunteer gardeners ask others to do the same.

The birds and the bees

A fruit and vegetable garden can’t survive without bees, beneficial bugs and birds. Numbers of the plantings are bird or bee attracting plants. Some plants are allowed to go to seed because that is the way the birds and bees like them.

How can I contribute?

We are always on the lookout for organic manure and fertilizer. Contributions of tools are also welcome. If you like, you might make a monetary contribution to our small bank account.

If the garden and the work of the volunteer gardeners gives you pleasure you may want to consider giving a little back.

Check the notice board or this website for resources we are looking for at the moment.

Use of Fire Pit

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