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Specifically, the Risks associated with the Fire Pit in the Docklands Community Garden are:

  1. Personal Safety
    a) Burns from causes such as contact with fire, contact with hot surfaces, and burns from sparks ejected from the fire.
    b) Cuts, grazes and/or splinters from handling or preparing fuel (wood).
    c) Smoke or heat-related injury such as eye injury, radiation burn, smoke inhalation (including inhalation of fumes from inappropriate fuels e.g. Arsenic treated woods).
    d) Food or cooking related injuries including burns from hot substances or injuries from use of implements.
  2. Environment - risks to the garden environment including
    a) Burns, fire or smoke damage to garden fixtures such as seats, and/or damage to the broader area (perhaps caused by the fire escaping or from re-ignition of an unsupervised fire thought to be extinguished).
    b) Fire, heat or smoke damage to the garden (plants).
    c) Deterioration of the setting due to unsightly build up of charcoal and discoloration of the gravel surrounding the fire pit.
  3. Other
    a) Community concern/alarm from smoke
    b) Misuse including unauthorized use of the facility and damage to fitting (e.g. Lock broken and lid or seats used as fuel).

Fire Pit Management Measures

Prior to lighting


Fire Pit Guidelines


Fire MUST NOT BE LIT in conditions of high or gusty wind, high heat, designated fire danger periods and on Total Fire ban days.

 MFB Contact Number  9662 2311

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