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Hi everyone,
We will be undertaking a maintenance working bee in the Garden this coming Saturday, November 19 2016. The tasks we need to complete include mulching, general liquid fertilising, and specific fertilising of vegetables and tomatoes. Should we have time some weeding and pruning (wasp gall) would be useful.
This event will run in conjunction with a Melbourne open garden event that invites all residents to visit a number of gardens in the metro area. Our garden is listed as one of those participating and hopefully we will attract some visitors.
We would like to kick off at 10am and hope this is not too early but it would be nice to avoid hot weather later in the day.
Hopefully we will see many of you on Saturday.
Thanks for your support of our garden.
Best wishes,


Hi everybody,
Thanks to everyone who participated in the planting on Sunday (and to those who planned to be there but weren't able to as a result of the weather influenced time change). The complete replanting was accomplished within 3 hours and as a result the garden will soon look spectacular again.
Now that we have a new crop in the ground we need to focus on making sure it gets the best possible chance to thrive. The watering roster needs updating as reliable watering (particularly in the mornings) is vital to the success of our new crop. Could Angel and Natasha please confirm with me that you are still able to water during your preferred listed times. Could everybody else who is prepared to water regularly please check out the vacant times in the attached schedule and let me know your preferred time slot.
We will need to follow up the planting with a maintenance and fertilising event towards the middle of November. I will let you all know the exact date once we can see how well the plants are growing and get a feel for what will need to be replaced.
While the new plants are small and immature please water them carefully using a misting setting on the hose sprays. Remember not to water the tomato's foliage, only the soil around them. Please also pull out any weeds you find as these will only consume vital nutrients needed by the vegetables and herbs if left in the ground. The citrus trees need a lot of water between now and Autumn so please be generous with it when watering them.
I look forward to catching up with you all at the November event. We will no doubt schedule a BBQ after this event so please look forward to a pleasant afternoon in the garden.
Best wishes,

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